Mom/Grammie/Great Grammie
aka - Grammie; aka - Mud; aka - Ma; aka - Ol’ Doll; aka - Ol’ Woman ; aka - Muddlin

Doyle Rd. PEI
Donnie Doyle - related to Mom.  Greg met him in PEI, summer of 2008
Grave stone of Mom's parents.
Chruch where Mom and Dad were married.  Where Mom's parents are buried.
L to R:
Margaret Hutt (Mom's Mother),
Catherine Doyle-Aylward (Mom's Aunt),
Andy Doyle (Mom's Father)
and 2 of Catherines daughters.
Mom thought this pic was taken at Margaret and Andy's wedding. 
Mom's first cousin (name unknown)

Leo McInnis - took care of Mom's Dad

Leo's Wife (Catherine Doyle - Andy's neice)

Jim Hutt (Mom's Uncle - grave below)

Woman - unknown

This is Mom's aunt and uncle. Catherine Doyle (Andy's sister) and John Aylward her husband.
This is the gravestone of Mom's Grandmother - Mary Howard Doyle
This is the gravestone of Mom's Grandfather - Thomas Doyle
Mom and Dad on their wedding day - July 10, 1946
Mom taught 10 grades in this little school from 1942 thru 1944
Magnolia tree planted for Mom by Kathie and Ron
Mom's birthday, 2005

Mom receives her scrapbook.  Christmas 2005.
(I think she liked it!)

Mom with the guys, Christmas 2005

Julia and Rita with Mom's scrapbook.
(It looks like they liked it too!)

Mom's Mother, Her Uncle, Her Grandfather and her Aunt

The grave of Mom's Uncle in France