aka - Leenie; aka - Maynard; aka - Faffy
Dress-up playdate with Ava & Alexa. 
Avery Elizabeth Duquette

6 lbs. 13 oz.

10 fingers - 10 toes.

Grandparents are over the moon with the growing family.
Lia - Halloween, 2009

Nathan - Halloween, 2009

Kathie walking through the gate of eternal youth at Changdeok Palace in Seoul

Sept. 2009
Kathie and Devon on the Hanriver Cruise

Sept. 2009
Kathie and Julia at the Doosan Bears Korean Baseball game adorned with thundersticks

Sept. 2009

Lia Thanh Chambers - 7 Mos.


Muriel, Bill and Kathie making Grampie proud (slurping oysters) - summer 2007
March 2008 - British Virgin Islands
May 2007
View of Florence from a hilltop
The Leaning Tower of Pisa (it's smaller than you'd think)
The cathedral and town hall in Florence
Roman Bridge on the way to the country villa
Street view in the beautiful town of Montalcino
Kathie and her friend Mary on the patio of the villa in Florence