Kylie (White)
aka - Kylie Kitten; aka - Smiley Kylie; aka - Big Kylie       
Snowy day in Texas. 12 inches. Feb. 11, 2010. Most snow in one day ever.
Kylie and Grampie finishing her snowman.
Kylie on Halloween 2008.
Kylie on Halloween 2007.  She's the pink one.

Kylie's first soccer game, Mar. 2, 2007.

She is #12 - like her uncle Collin.

Kylie and Dad watching the second period with the substitutes in the game.
Back in the swing of things.
Team picture after the first team victory.  (If everyone in the background looks cold it is because it was about 40F with a big north wind - brrrrrr).
Kylie got to see her little sister for the first time today - Nov. 25, 2006